Took my Greyhound to Treasure Coast Animal Emergency Hospital. In an emergency Dr. removed 25 teeth the same day and stitched up other problem. Very compassionate and kind Dr. and crew. Did excellent job with my Greyhound surgery. Ari is healing quickly and is back to his old self. Highly recommend based on our experience.

John J | Google Reviews

Amazing they went above and beyond definitely recommend them

Blair M | Google Reviews

Wonderful place

Scot A | Google Reviews

My dog was at the end of his life and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to humanely euthanize him. The staff was caring and empathetic. They made our boy’s final moments one of love and peace. They took care of everything so we could go home and grieve. To my great surprise and joy, they sent us a condolence card with his four paw prints and his nose print. They even made a claw print of his paw. I will treasure these forever. These wonderful people have my deepest thanks and the love of my family. I would trust any future pets to their care. Thank you so much for looking after Tolkien.

CM Slosson | Google Reviews

Amazing place to bring your animal too. Dr. Cail is amazing đź’— Highly recommend!

Sheena V | Google Reviews

I wanted to say thank you to TCAE. We came in Sunday as an emergency. Our sweet boy Harley was having trouble breathing. Thank you to Dr. Cail, Lindsey and the rest of the staff for your attentiveness, caring and compassion. We are so grateful for all of you. My past experience a few years ago was not a great one, but due to the urgency of our situation on Sunday I made the decision to come to TCAE. Unfortunately Harley’s situation was not a fixable one, we would be losing him regardless of our choice of treatment. Dr. Cail was up front, honest, calm, compassionate, and explained things and let us ask questions we needed to ask. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to let our sweet boy pass to the other side in a calm, peaceful, respectful and pain free manor.

Michelle N | Google Reviews

I absolutely love this place. I had to take both my dogs there over a year ago covid had just hit us and everything was closed down . The very first time was in May and my dog Lucy had already passed before we got there but they were so caring and compassionate they let me just hold her for a good half-hour while they took care of all the paperwork for me while I held my Lucy to say goodbye she was my world. And then a few months later in July my other dog Ryder on 4th of July had a heart attack and we took him to them right away and they took such good care of him we had to leave Ryder with them overnight so that they can take care of him and get the proper medication for him and then the next day the doctor came and did EKGs testing and everything and found out exactly what was wrong with him and was able to diagnose him correctly and he has been on medication ever since and has been doing wonderfully. And yes it is a little bit more expensive but they are an emergency veterinarian and they are open 24 hours 7 days a week and they do everything that they possibly can to make it easier on you because if you have to bring your FurBaby there in an emergency and your a total wreck they’re very comforting and understanding. So yes it may cost a little bit more but if you love your fur babies like I love mine it doesn’t matter what it cost and you pay it just like you would pay for your children if you had an emergency. So I highly recommend them to every person that I know that has a pet and God forbid that they need one in an emergency I send them to these people because they are fabulous.

Cathy D | Google Reviews

Hands down the absolute best veterinary care available in Vero. Our cat was a day away from being put to sleep with pneumonia. He’s alive, well, and thriving now almost a year later. Don’t give up until you give these folks a try.

Brady H | Google Reviews

Fantastic Vet! We arrived in town @1:30 am to visit family, and within 5 minutes we noticed our pup had something really weird going on with his eyes, and it was awful. We found this amazing ER vet, jumped back in the car, and took him immediately. We were seen quickly, and the assistant and doctor took such great care of our pup, they were kind, compassionate and VERY FAIRLY PRICED! Our pup was given an antibiotic and we were sent out on our way with home care instructions. We were expected a hefty bill, and we never got one, we couldn’t believe the good deal. We were so impressed with the quality of care we received and the cost of the visit, we wish we lived here because this would for sure be our new vet. We couldn’t sing enough praises for this place. I would definitely come here for routine care. Thank you so much, you are AWESOME! You should come here, you won’t regret it.

Emily S | Google Reviews

Amazing emergency animal hospital, a great resource for all of us here on the treasure coast!
It’s never a good thing when you need an emergency hospital however, if you wind up at one, it’s an extra special benefit, if it’s a nice as this one! Not only is it architecturally pleasing, it’s incredibly clean, well-lit and up to date with the latest medical technologies and equipment!
My beloved male Maltese, Lucky-Puppy suffered from congestive heart failure, we brought him here in cardiac failure, we were frantic and were met by the most calming and compassionate Veterinary Technician, Trish. Trish is not only most competent and experienced, she is greatly empathetic and compassionate in her approach. The doctor, Dr. Cail was direct, succinct in explaining exactly where we were in the course of options available to treat Lucky and was very understanding as to our needs as well as what was in the best interest of Lucky. I greatly appreciated her honesty and her empathy – she was a great listener too! We were able to make an informed decision in the middle of the night, after being in a frantic situation- we attest this to the excellent and competent care we received. Thank you Dr. Angela Cail and Trish for helping us to make an impossibly difficult decision and taking such great care of our Lucky-Puppy!

Sherri E | Google Reviews

Thank you for being absolutely amazing with our German Shepherd and our family.
Our girl had emergency surgery and was transported here for an over night observation and they did great with her.
They did everything to work with the cost. Great experience!!

Ashlei L | Google Reviews

Great staff here.

Jamie E | Google Reviews